Finding the missing piece to your ultimate health.

Each of us is like a puzzle.
What makes up your puzzle? How do your pieces fit together and which ones are missing? Who helps find the missing pieces?
My goal for you.
I will create a simple wellness plan tailored specifically to you. I will review what you eat, what supplements/medications you are taking, what you do for exercise and what you do to relax. Each time we meet you will leave the session with one main goal and a few optional goals. Change will "stick" if it is gradual and doesn't feel overwhelming.
Food is powerful.
What we put into our bodies can nourish or harm. Removing foods that harm and adding in those that nourish is a wonderful start for achieving ultimate health. Have you noticed that almost every popular diet has one common food group? Vegetables! Vegetables are nutrient dense and contain phytochemicals which help to fight cancer. They combine fiber with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Plus they are naturally fat free!